Biofilling starter kit
OrthoMTA Carrier
OrthoMTA Compacter
OrthoMTA Plugger
MTA Removal Kit
Bio Endo System
Bio Endo System
Bio irrigation I

• Preserves the root canal system after irrigation
• Dissolves the tissue remnants and organic substances in the root canal system
• Excellent solubility in water
Bio irrigation II

• Provides extensive and rapid antibacterial effect
• Functions as a powerful disinfectant
• Safe to use
• Harmless to the root canal system
• No need to neutralize the solution after usage since this is made as an environment friendly solution
Bio irrigation III

• Provides anti-discoloration effect
• Provides anti-bacterial effect
• Provides disinfection
• Easy to fill into the syringe, providing convenience during operation
Bio Enlargement CM Files
• CM Files used during canal enlargement

• Safety : 1. 2. 6.
• Effectiveness : 3. 7.
• Efficiency : 4.

1. Fracture resistance: Conventional NiTi file fractures easily during usage in the root canal system, but controlled memory NiTi does not fracture easily due to its high resistance to fatigue fracture.
2. Fracture predictability: Fracture site cannot be determined visually in the conventional NiTi file but in controlled memory NiTi file, this may be predicted because after autoclaving, the site where the spirals have loosened is the site expected to fracture during usage. Once this is visible, replace it with a new one.
3. Root protection during enlargement: Due to the high flexibility of the conventional NiTi, it cannot perform balanced canal enlargement which lowers the mechanical debridement ability and it may also alter the form of the apical foramen which makes it difficult to seal the area. However, controlled memory file is able to perform balanced canal enlargement and does not alter the form of the apical foramen.
4. Efficiency: It is durable. Efficient and comes in affordable price.
5. Compatibility: Biofilling CM files and conventional CM files are provided.
6. Evidence-based: Evidence-based treatment protocols reported in the SCI journals are provided.
7. Ease of use: The same mechanism of the existing electric rotary file is used; provides sufficient hands-on courses and after-service visit.
Bio Retrievability

• For retrieving the MTA
• Easy to handle
• Harmless to the human skin, does not cause burns
• Softens the surface of the set MTA

• This product should not be used except for the purpose of retrieving the set MTA.
• If the solution leaked and has touched the mucous membrane during the operation, flush out the solution immediately and irrigate the area profusely.
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