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53 [Ingredient] Biofilling Retrievement & Expansion Rate
52 [Ingredient] Saving Natural Teeth
51 [Ingredient] FAQ: RetroMTA_2
50 [Ingredient] FAQ: RetroMTA_1
49 [Ingredient] FAQ: OrthoMTA_9
48 [Ingredient] FAQ: OrthoMTA_8
47 [Ingredient] FAQ: OrthoMTA_7
46 [Ingredient] FAQ: OrthoMTA_6
45 [Ingredient] FAQ: OrthoMTA_5
44 [Ingredient] FAQ: OrthoMTA_4
43 [Ingredient] FAQ: OrthoMTA_3
42 [Ingredient] FAQ: OrthoMTA_2
41 [Ingredient] FAQ: OrthoMTA_1
40 [Radiography] Do dentists have an obligation to notify patients that OrthoMTA will be used in their root grafting
39 [Radiography] How much will patients have to pay for OrthoMTA grafting?
38 [Radiography] Will intra-canal moisture interfere with the resin bonding in the case of resin core?
37 [Radiography] What's the appropriate timing for post and core preparation?
36 [Radiography] What's the minimum grafting length of OrthoMTA needed for post preparation?
35 [Radiography] What is the appropriate timing for post preparation?
34 [Radiography] What is the influence of an acidic solution?
33 [Radiography] Is there a method to detect underfilling?
32 [Endodontic retreatment] Why is the radiopacity of OrthoMTA sometimes not clear.
31 [Endodontic retreatment] Is it sufficient to perform an apicoectomy without retrograde after orthgrade MTA grafting?
30 [Obturation] Are there any particular devices to use when retrograde grafting?
29 [Obturation] Is it possible to use OrthoMTA as a retrograde grafting material?
28 [Obturation] Is it essential to dry moisture in the root canal?
27 [Obturation] What is the optimum time for obturation?
26 [Obturation] How long it will take to obturate a canal?
25 [Obturation] What is the cause of postoperative pain and what is the solution for it?
24 [Obturation] How can I overcome the problem if the OrthoMTA sets abruptly during obturation procedure?
23 [Obturation] When the dentinal of the root is perforated, what is optimum grafting thickness of OrthoMTA ?
22 [Obturation] What is the role of blood when setting OrthoMTA?
21 [Obturation] What is the difference between using condensing and compacting obturation devices?
20 [Grafting method] How many times can the OrthoMTA spreader and condensor be used to
19 [Grafting method] Doesn't the modified technique by using guttapercha cause a problem?
18 [Grafting method] It seems there is a possibility that the dentin walls are removed by using the OrthoMTA compactor.
17 [Grafting method] It seems possibility that the dentin walls are removed by using OrthoMTA compactor.
16 [Grafting method] Is it possible to completely graft the curved canal with OrthoMTA?
15 [Grafting method] How can OrthoMTA be mixed with water?
14 [Grafting method] Can the left over OrthoMTA be re-used?
13 [Grafting method] what is the recommended water/power ratio?
12 [Grafting method] How can a canal more than MAF #40 or open apex be filled?
11 [Grafting method] What is the advantage of canal enlargement of apical areas when the orthograde grafting method is pr
10 [Grafting method] Are there any problems in case of underfilling?
9 [Grafting method] Are there any problems in case of overfilling?
8 [Grafting method] Is it possible to graft the root canal if there is a significant exudate?
7 [Grafting method] What is the grafting method with existing instruments?
6 [Hardening reaction] Does OrthoMTA make a chemical bonding with the dentinal wall?
5 [Setting reaction] What is the setting time for OrthoMTA?
4 [Setting reaction] Does an acidic condition after hardening affect OrthoMTA?
3 [Setting reaction] Are the setting reactions of OrthoMTA affected by acidic conditions?
2 [Ingredient] What is the difference between OrthoMTA and white Portland cement?
1 [Ingredient] What are the differences between ProRoot MTA and OrthoMTA?
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